To be late

Just think about this word. In my opinion nothing is ever too late just say ok and move on because when you try to adjust the things who already happened before then you missed the current situation and things.

so never look back in the past and never look ahead in the future just leave as it is and enjoy the moment.

I know we are very greedy people who wants everything in bulk, but you have to adjust yourself into the bit.

Just shift from bulk to bit. understand your true requirements.

Even the tiny worm or insects live their life in very intense way. Doesn’t matter how much time they live.



Things are impossible only because you don’t have to courage to believe. Each thought can become a thing and all that happens inside the consciousness can create its reality outside.

All that happens outside has to happen first inside, the seed is absorbed inside and the tree shows outside. if you have the believing heart, nothing is impossible even god is not impossible. but the need is to have to believe heart, A believing mind won’t do, because of mind basically cannot believe. a mind is incapable of belief.

A mind can only doubt: Doubt is a nature of mind.
The head can not but house of doubts.

So if you start forcing beliefs on the head, these beliefs will only hide your doubts. Nothing will happen out of them.

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You are in prison

the symbol of prisonDifficult to religious when you young.
Difficult to religious when you Rich.
Difficult to religious when you Healthy.

George Gurdjieff has said: ” you are in the prison. If you wish to get out of prison. the first thing you must do is realize that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.

 A Story by Gurdjieff.

There was a magician who used to live in faraway deep forests. he had a many sheep because they were his only food. He kept all the sheep in the deep forests just to kill them- day by day one by one.
Naturally, the sheep were afraid of man, and they used to run off into the forest, afraid that any day can be their day. Their friends were gone. there is no certainty tomorrow they may be gone out of fear they used to go far away, deep into the forest. and to find them every day was a tedious job.

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