Thought: A friend or enemy

Obviously, none of it came true,

a thought is not a friend or enemy its just a process who help us to survive in this world.

Intellect is the core essence of the memory when you have the more verbal knowledge you become more and more thoughtful. without logical thinking, you couldn’t survive on this planet.But at the same time, too much logic is suicide.

A thought is a process its start with our early age and never stops till death. We can say it infinite process. When we say positive thought and negative thought or inspiring thought, but all are the byproducts of our gathered memory none of is useful until you come out of this process of thought. The moment when you soak your intellect in your awareness, you are the master of your mind and thought became miraculous to you.


Once our thoughts get organized than our emotions and reactions to others will also get organized.In today’s time, people always get involved with an activity in multiple ways they are not stuck to one thing at a time.They are just like a multitasking device. When you are alone and nothing to do its a perfect time for your thoughts to attack for you. You can not able to handle your thought that’s why people generally don’t want to live alone.


Aloneness is a possibility for those people who practicing meditation, most people are not aware of their continuous flow of their thinking, unknowingly they are given the energy to survive their thinking. A thought is a very shy it can not prefer to stay when someone is watching, it disappears. When you are totally thoughtless and free from judging, the first time you are able to use it as you want.

people have invented lots ways to suffer, for all this activity coming from their own mind. its all in our hands if we want to be a living being or a thinking being?




Alone / Lonely

              Here are two words alone and lonely, meaning of both the words are generally almost equal, both the words are suggesting the situation of the mind. when we say a situation of mind it means if you are in aloneness means you are available to the life,  joy, happiness, and awareness. aloneness is a great possibility to transform your self from misery to joy. or the other side loneliness is a feeling that something important is missing. your life becomes painful and full of suffering in the loneliness.

lonely post.jpg

Aloneness drives you to the healthy life, good habits and the meditation.  because in the aloneness you are with your self.

self-help is the most simple thing you can do. your little support for your self is far more than other work and your charity after all you are the life who experience all the happening.

alone post

when you are lonely you are available for endless thoughts and suffering, this situation drives you to take drugs, alcohol and other things who helps you to maintain distance you and your mind for a little bit of time.

The best solution for both the situation is only meditation no any other medicine will work properly. because self-maid problems are cured by self-maid solutions. the reality of loneliness and suffering is only just by our want, we want it consciously or unconsciously. if we want to get rid of it we can no one resist you. you are just peace of life. our connection with other people is very limited but we gave it to priority more than us.

Solutions are always within us.


Why Meditation is important?

Today, generally people are always searching for the cause to do something, without cause we can do something ? yes we can, but they never understand. they are just busy to do some activity to fulfill their basic needs or too much need.

When we enter into a meditation with a theory of purpose, what we get from meditation is just little more suffering. because meditation is not for to get something somehow. it is a realization of the present moment for living in the present moment with the fullest effort . when we drop all the nonsenses and just be sited at some place for a moment deep silence and calmness naturally comes.

meditation woman

Awareness is the key to meditation, the beauty of a meditation comes when our mind is free from all the thoughts. a thoughtless mind has the power to take charge of life, this is not very easy to achieve but not impossible also. a journey of inner exploration is more difficult than outer exploration because there is no indication.

Meditation is all about the self-inquiry.

How meditation affects the mental/physical health?  in search of the health people attracted to meditation or yoga practices, in the tradition of yoga it is a sure helpful to live physically healthy and well. the father of modern yoga Shri yog rishi Patanjali explains 112 ways to live healthily in both ways physically and mentally.

Food: vegetarian or non-vegetarian?   when we are doing yoga practices or meditation any of this one thing is to remember is right kind of food choice. Food is very essential or vital thing to live when we are choosing the food you must aware of your needs if you are a student then you have to choose a vegetarian and liquid food it makes you aware. but if you are a hard working person than meat is good for you. For the office person a vegetarian diet is more suitable.what we are eating it becomes a part of our self –FOOD BODY.

Body is a tool for inner and outer exploration. in the practice of meditation our all the experiences are received by body and mind but something is more than the body and mind. boundless knowledge, thoughtless mind.

Meditation is the only way to discover the true self, it also helps to get rid of our desires and ambitions. in the last just be aware and available to life.