Spiritual perspective.

Pleasure is very momentary, it exists only for a split second. Happiness is a little longer, joy even a little longer, more suffused, but they are both part of time.

Pleasure, happiness, joy — they are all part of time, and anything that is part of time is bound to come and go, it cannot be forever.

Time means change, time means flux, movement. Nothing can be static in time, nothing can be at a standstill. But bliss is eternal, hence it is not part of time, it is beyond time. And to attain to bliss one has to go beyond time.

One has to go beyond time the task seems to be impossible, how can one go beyond time? — because as far as physics or science is concerned there is no possibility of going beyond time and space because the whole existence consists only of time and is only a fourth dimension of space, so you cannot go beyond it — according to science.

But according to the awakened ones you can go beyond time because in fact you are beyond time; you just have to search within yourself for a point which is already beyond time.

Looked at in that light things have a different perspective: mind becomes equivalent to time. Mind is a flux, constantly changing. Just behind the mind is your awareness, which is the same, always the same.

When you were a child it was the same, you became a young man, it was the same, when you become old it will be the same. When you were in the womb of your mother it was the same, when you were not born it was the same, when you are dying it will be the same, when you are dead it will be the same. There will be no difference at all, it is always the same. It is the centre of the cyclone.

The mind is like the cyclone and awareness is the centre, it is in the centre and yet beyond, it is within and yet beyond.

This is the whole work of meditation, this is the commitment of sannyas to search for that which is already beyond time. And the moment you know it, the moment you taste it, you know that life is immortal, you are immortal. There has never been any birth and there has never been any death, all that has happened only on the circumference.

At the centre you have remained untouched.

Words from silence.


Habits cannot be dropped.

There are only two ways to drop them: one is to change the habit for a substitute habit — but that is just changing one problem for another, it is not going to help much; the other is to become more aware.

Whenever you repeat a habit, become aware. Even if you have to repeat it, repeat it, but repeat with a witnessing, an alertness, an awareness.

The awareness will make you separate from the the habit, and the energy you go on giving to the habit unknowingly, will not be giving anymore. By and by, the habit will shrink, the water will not be flowing through it, the channel will be blocked. By and by , it will disappear.

Never try to change one habit into another, because all habits are bad.

Even good habits are bad, because they are habits. Don’t try to change impure habits into pure habits.

It good for the society that that you change your bad habits into good habits. Rather than going to the pub everyday , if you go to the church or to the temple everyday, it is good for the society. But as far as you are concerned it is not going to help much.

You have to go beyond habits.

Words from silence.

Do not angry.

When somebody commits a mistake you don”t have to be angry, you have to be more compassionate,

so that he does not start feeling guilty.

Because you don’t understand the psychology of things: if one person commits a mistake and you become angry – and your anger is justified because the mistake has been done by the other person – your anger creates humiliation in the other person.

That humiliation becomes a wound which wants revenge.

So the other person will wait until you commit a mistake – and you are not beyond committing mistakes –

and then he will take revenge with a vengeance.

Never make anyone feel guilty, because if you make the person guilty he or she can only hate you; love becomes impossible.

That”s why I repeat again and again:

Love needs as a basic foundation, meditation.

Only in the heart of meditation roses of love can grow. That is the right soil; there is no other way.

Words from silence.